Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Remember Mr. Big:?

Finally found the pics I've been looking for! Here's our Mr. Big (ok, ok, T&J's Mr. Big... semantics):

Handsome ole' dude, huh? He loved the parks as much as Spark does. Did I mention how big he is?

Just look at those legs! Just his legs are way taller than Spark - lol. He sure is a sweetie, though. And we've got to give Spark his air time, too:

It really was a lot of fun having Hersh visit us. When we did take them to the park, Special K would be way back where ever, because Spark walks soooo sllloooowww, whereas Hershey, with his long ole legs, would be way ahead. Then he would stop and we would have to go back to see where K & Spark was - it was really very cute how he always had to check on them. He was truly our protector that week. Very sweet.

I think it's time to go visit Hersh. And T&J, of course...

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