Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

What fun! We always have Halloween festivities at work (pumpkin carving, cubicle/dept decorating/costumes, and as a member of the Events Team, I help with the food part (we had pizzas, salad from Panera and cupcakes from Hancock's) - loved that we had the salad choice. So very good!

This year I was the Bride of Dracula. I wore a dress from over 10 years ago - amazing that it fits. And I kept hearing, "wow, is that you?! Didn't recognize you!"

Of course, didn't help that I had a black wig on :o)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I found a bag this weekend in one of my dresser drawers, full of pretty lingerie that I had stuck away years ago, as it was all too small, but I didn't want to get rid of any of it, because it was all so pretty. I used to have a big thing about matching bras and panties. Then I got big. And then it didn't matter anymore where I matched or not, cuz, let's face it. One kinda lets oneself go when it ain't no fun to dress it up, ya know?

Well, it all fits again - yea, buddy! What fun! And an added bonus; the bras are underwires, so there's no band sitting on my bump.

Life is good.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Felt yuck all weekend. Couldn't eat anything yesterday, though I tried. Got my vitamins in, but that's about it. Had to work last night (got a new gig as a restroom attendant) - very unpleasant. I brought a banana along with me, thinking if I got hungry, I could try that. Man, took two little bites and thought I was going to lose it. And ironically, I'm in a restroom, but it's in a nightclub, so it's busy - all the stalls were taken. I don't know how I managed to sit there, look pleasant and not lose my innards. It passed, after a while, but that was very hard.

I finally figured out that yesterday was the first day without Prilosec. I had finished the two-week regiment the day before. I had hoped that I wouldn't have to continue to take it - it's not meant for every day use. But after walking the Sparkster this morning, we went to Target and got some more. I took one when I got home, and it's a little better today. Had some beans and they're sitting OK, for the most part. Stomach still hurts, though not as bad as yesterday. Hopefully, tomorrow, the Prilosec will kick in and I'll feel "normal" again. I've gotten spoiled over the past two weeks - I like feeling normal lol.

So the new gig - wanted to find something very part time-ish. Thought I found it with the casino dealing, but even though that was a lot of fun, the hours are too few and far between, so I wanted something else. There's a nightclub in Bellevue - a billiard parlor, actually, with music and a dance floor, and I got the job of restroom attendant. The potential for great tips are there - I just have to build the regulars. Only two nights a week (Fri & Sat), for 4.5 hours each night. That's doable. See how long I last. Friday was my first night and it was kinda fun. Last night, not so much, but I think that's because I felt so lousy.

And oddly, on the way from my interview/training session last Wed, I got a call from the fellow that I used to update his rug sites. He wanted to know if I wanted to still work for him, as his business picked up a little and he needed the help. I said sure. So now I have three part-time jobs. The rugs, the nightclub and the business man I help a few times a week.

Whew. I'm tired just typing that.

Friday, October 24, 2008

On my way to "One"derland!

Wow - only 10 more pounds to go until I reach 200. Amazing. It's been 20 years since I weighed this "little" what a terrific feeling! I'm fitting into XLs (from a 4 or 5X) now; I tried that pair of size 20 Gap jeans on and they fit (a little snug yet, 5 or 10 more and it'll be perfect).

This weekend, I'm taking all of my over-sized clothes to Tent City out on Mercer Island. It's gotten very cold at night (37 degrees this morning!) and someone will get use out of my coats and whatnot. I'm only taking out the nice office wear, so that I bring those to "Dress for Success" in Seattle (an organization for women with little means to find something to wear to go out on interviews). I was going to try to sell my nice leather coat, but I think I'll just give that to them, as well. It's warm and it'll make me feel good to know someone will get good use from it.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood - cold, but beautiful!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Almost Forgot! The Bump

I saw my regular doctor last Monday, and she said the bump I'm feeling is normal; everyone has it, although mine is sticking out a bit more than what's normal. She has a feeling, seeing where my drainage wounds from the surgery are, that the surgeon yanked up on this piece of bone to get to where he needed to get to, and when he was done, didn't get back as far as it was. So, between loosing the weight and that, I'm feeling it where most people don't.

Just wanted to update anyone who was wondering....

Almost to Onederland!

Finally! It's been over a week, and I "know" that's ok, but I get so frustrated when the scale doesn't go down. I was starting to feel that if it took feeling nauseous to lose weight, I'd stop the Prilosec and not work so hard on getting the water in, which is silly, of course, but that's how I felt.

But two pounds down this morning - getting close to Onederland. It's been 20 years since I've weighed 100 something, so it's still so exciting. And today is the 5th month since surgery, so 121 - not too shabby.

Went shopping this weekend and found that I'm fitting into XLs - what a feeling to go into any store, pick something you actually like off the rack and have it fit. Amazing! Found a pretty pink turtleneck, a kick-ass white/black short-cropped jacket (for dirt cheap - it was on the wrong rack, and the store honored the much, much lower price - too cool!), and a black shell I got to go with that jacket. All for just about $10 - I love discount racks! LOL Makes it so much easier to go clothes shopping. It's actually fun now, where before, I would almost dread it.

A few pictures from the Heart Walk:

From left to right; CJ, Sam, Carin, Kathy and Angela. CJ and Angela both had weight loss surgery and have done very well. Sam is doing her own thing and is down 100 pounds already! So proud of all of them. Aileen and Peggy (the other two ladies who have had this procedure) wasn't around when we had this picture taken, which was a bummer. Would've liked one with all of us.

And Kathy and me with two of the Sea Gals (cheerleaders for the SeaHawks)... Couldn't find the SeaHawk mascot, like last year. Too bad.. cute bird lol

Thursday, October 16, 2008


It occurred to me today that I haven't really felt nauseous since last week. I started with the Prilosec last Saturday, and I'm trying to get more water down every day (still not where I should be, but I'm trying).

It is so wonderful to feel "normal." Not to have issues with the tummy - was getting very old feeling sickly all the time.

The only thing I have to watch now is that I've noticed that I'm hungrier this week, especially in the evenings. I want to snack - not necessarily because I'm hungry; just feel like having a little something. And this is not good.

Got taken out to lunch by a vendor today - I ordered a Seafood Chopped Salad - baby greens and spinach with crab and bay shrimp, tomato, cucumber, artichoke with blue cheese crumbles and a light vinaigrette. So yummy - loved it - was able to eat a half of a small order. I was amazed how much I did eat. And here it is, just a few hours later, and I'm hungry.

All part of the process, I imagine. Gotta deal with it, and just say "no" when my mind says "go get something."

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I don't get it...

The Packers won! And we had a good time. We did the bus thing again, so we got there in plenty of time, and we were able to scope the place out. Our seats were in the nosebleed section, but right on the 50-yard line, so we could see everything!

My only complaint is with Qwest Field. I just don't get how anyone can disregard a whole section of the population, no matter how unpopular. We went down right at the end of half time to go outside to blow a cloud. But, per NFL regulations, no re-entry allowed after kick-off, so if we went out of the gates, they would not let us back in. OK, fine - so where is the smoking section? You guessed it - there wasn't one! How flippin' rude is that?! We were there from 12:30 until 4:30 - that's four hours. They have this big, ole plot of land - you can't tell me they cannot designate a corner outside, away from everything for us poor folk that don't heed the surgeon general's warnings. But, no - they told us at the gate that it's the Health Dept that dictates that there be no smoking section. So, between the NFL and the Health Dept, we're screwed.

Not very nice at all.

Go, Pack!

Very excited - I was very lucky to have a friend who knew someone who knew someone who works for the Seahawk organization, and through all that, I was able to pick up a couple of tickets to today's game at Qwest Field (Pack against the Hawks), and at cost! No scalper prices for me! I'm not that into football, but my Special K most certainly is, and I do enjoy watching the Packers, even if they did treat my Brett most horribly (keep teasing K I'm gonna become a Jet fan - lol).

For most of my journey, I experience nausea quite often, with a good amount of discomfort around that bump I've got. But last week was exceptionally bad. In speaking with one of the other ladies at work who had had this surgery too, I found out a possible solution - Prilosec. Picked some up yesterday and yesterday was a joy (probably helped that I didn't wear a bra all day, too - sassy, I know, but hey, it was Saturday). Took one this morning and so far, so good. Able to enjoy my coffee and it's feeling good.

Have a great week, all! Keep your fingers crossed for the Pack!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I did it!

Well, the Heart Walk is done, and I was able to walk the entire route, ending up in much better condition that when I did it before. No heart attack this time. Although, as well as I thought myself prepared, my legs are sore! Very jazzed.

Kind of a let down, though. While this year's Heart Walk was the most satisfying for me, in terms of my personal goal, the terrific team we had and the money we raised for a great cause, it was also the most disappointing one for me. We weren't together as a company as we had been in the past, and I feel the Heart Walk itself dropped the ball this year. It was all so lackluster. There was no truck at the beginning of the walk, calling out companies names, as they've always done, and the finish banner was not at the end of the walk, it was by the doors to the stadium with no photographer to take pictures. I don't bring a camera because they always have photographers all over (and you can go on-line afterwards to get those pictures).

I know times are tough with a possible recession heading our way, and maybe that's why the Heart Walk only pulled in 1.5 mil this year (I believe that's the lowest it's raised since we've been doing this), but it was as if they showed their disappointment on Saturday. Yeah, OK, it was a little wet, but it wasn't the all-out gale and wind folks thought it would be. We even had a bit of sunshine while up on the viaduct!

Oh, well. So that's that. I'll post pictures once they become available.

Wonderful weekend with Special K, though. Even though we didn't find Fido Fest Saturday (we went to the University District after the walk and drove all through it, but just couldn't find it), we had a nice day - took Sparky to Marymore Park (he just loves it there). Yesterday, we visited Mr T up in Monroe where we met his new lady friend - love her! She's a kick - perfect match for Mr T. We had had jumbo blue crabs flown in from Maryland and had those with corn on the cob and a beautiful big fruit salad Mr T threw together.

I haven't lost anything for quite a few days now, but I'm not minding, cuz I'm glad I've not gained. I ate well yesterday!

And as for the Heart Walk, I think we'll just write a check next year.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Friday

Happy Friday, everyone. Heart Walk is tomorrow, and I am very excited. Rain is in the forecast, but we're going anyway. Found out not too long ago that the Humane Society is having their fundraising walk tomorrow, too. We can't make that, but we are going to the Fido Fest afterwards. We'll have Sparky with us (he loves his car rides, and with his pillow and blanket in the back seat, he's very comfortable), so that after we finish with the Heart Walk stuff, we can head out to University District for the festival. They, unlike the Heart Walk (ok, not the Heart Walk's fault - it's Quest Field that doesn't allow animals - I'd like to know what they think those big ole sweaty football players are if not animals :o), allow us to bring our animal companions. Should be fun.

And going to see a friend on Sunday - we ordered jumbo Maine crabs (last of the season!) and will be enjoying them while watching some ball game (I'm there for the crab and company, obviously lol). I love that I can do crab, cuz that has always been one of my favorites - up there with lobster - yum!

So fun weekend coming up. Looking forward to good times, good food and good friends!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Not Happy

I'm not happy with my surgeon. I called Monday morning with a valid concern, spoke with his assistant, and I have not yet had a response from him.

I know I need to call my primary doctor, even though I have an appointment with her in about a week and a half. I go in for a mamo today, but I don't think they can take an x-ray of my chest without someone's sayso.

Very disappointed in Dr. L - I expected more from him.

Although if I think about it, it shouldn't surprise me. My first impression of him was that he was a swarmy fellow. I had changed my mind because I'm so pleased with how my experience is going, but that really isn't any indication or reflection on him. It's because of me - I'm choosing to make the most of what I've had done.

When I read the boards over at Obesity Help, I see that other surgeons demand that their potential WSL patients lose weight prior to the surgery, and do blood tests to determine whether they truly stopped smoking (if they were a smoker). Other surgeons seem to be a lot stricter than Dr L, and while I suppose I'm grateful for that (I actually gained prior to my surgery lol - went through that last-time-itis), it's always been a little annoying when I went to see him afterwards. He's so quick to get me out his office, it seems. I'll have questions, and I'll get some asked, but before you know it, I'm out the door.

Not happy. My assessment of Dr. L? Back to swarmy.