Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No Worries

No worries on the gastric bypass, Big Guy - I've read lots - pros and cons - and I'm mentally prepared. I have to do something - I cannot continue on as I have been - just getting bigger and bigger. And it looks like I'm not scheduled til end of May, so I will see you before.

Pick a day, any day, huh?. How about Monday night? What time do you get off? Or perhaps Tuesday night, since you're off, and you could pick me up from work, so we'll have more time. Found a new Thai restaurant

And thanks for the Cutie - made me smile.

Love you

His Answer...

Just as an FYI, my brother is an EMT:

Hello Cutie...

Interesting changes... all of which i would like to talk to you about. I can visit after work if that works for you? Pick a day.

I am glad about the no smoking, sad to hear you have sleep apnea, and concerned about the gastric bypass. Talk to me first, if you can.

love from me...

An e-mail to my big brother...

So, how the hell are you doing?!

I've got a lot of changes going on, and I'd like to see you (sooner than later, I hope).

Number one change? I am now a non-smoker (ok, ok, mostly a non-smoker - had 3 over the weekend - weekend's a lot harder than during the week but I'll get there) I smell a lot better these days :o)

Number two change? I have acute sleep apnea - being fitted for a mask next Monday and doing another sleep study (gotta tell you about the first one - one of the worst experiences of my life)... but they promised this time around I can have a room with a window.

Why the changes? Cuz I've been approved for gastric bypass surgery, which I'm hoping to get within the next two weeks or so. Very excited about this. Tired of being tired all the time - tired of not being to bend over for very long or get down on my knees to play in my yard/garden - tired of not being able to walk very far any more - tired of being out of breath alla time - tired of just being uncute and wearing tent tops and unpretty shoes.

You free anytime soon? Got weekends free yet? Cuz this Saturday would be perfect. Kathy's working, so we could have lunch, maybe see a movie?

Hope to see you soon - love you!