Thursday, June 23, 2011

Company for Giz

We're having company this weekend; a little guy named Hugh (a pug/beagle mix). Very excited to see how the Giz reacts. He loves to play with other dogs his size when we take him to the park - the larger ones kind of freak him out a little, although if they're friendly, he comes around and will play just as well with them, too.

I certainly hope our Gizmo will be gentleman about sharing his space and his mamas. He's so sweet natured, though - I just know this is going to be a success.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Delft Blue

For my dad's birthday, my aunt (his younger sister) offered to either fly him to Holland for a visit or a cruise to Alaska. He chose the cruise - been wanting to do that for years, but Mum never cared to go. So she came week before last and they left a week ago Sunday, returning this Sunday past. They had a good time. And she's so sweet - every time she comes, she brings us "kids" something; this time, she brought me these: Aren't they gorgeous? I love anything blue and white; always have, so it's a no-brainer that I would love Delft Blue pottery. And I've been wanting a new canister set - was getting tired of my Coke ones. Thank you, Tante!!!

In February, she brought me the cutest shopping bag - also in Delft Blue style. I need to get a shot of that up here. I know these pics aren't terrific, but not bad for a camera phone.

Happy now, Miss T? :) I'll try to get better with this blog. The original intent, which was my weight loss journey, seems to have fallen to the wayside. I've gained back about 50 lbs. Not happy, but apparently, not willing to deal with getting it back off. It's on a back burner. I'm still way better off than I once was, and I can still fit into a lot of my new clothing, but I need to get back on the stick and at least get it back under 200. I was so happy there - not sure how I could have let this happen.