Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Kicked out of Yoga class

Well, not really, but I feel like it. Got a call today from the owner of the yoga place I've been going. Really confusing at first, complimenting me on my lifestyle change and my weight loss, but then it switched over to her receiving a couple e-mails, complaining about the scent of smoke during class. Apparently, several people are super-sensitive and the heat intensifies the odor.

Yes, I know smoking stinks to non-smokers. I try to be very considerate around non-smokers. But this takes the cake. I did not complain about the body odor in that room. First class was great - nothing, but the last two, especially once class gets under way, phew! I figured it's part of the program - gotta deal with it.

Guess not. The owner was very nice and hoped I could come up with a solution so that I can continue coming (ie: quit smoking), but dang. Like I'm going to quit for some strangers in a class that have hairs up their butts, or rather, noses 'cuz they smell smoke - heaven forbid!

So, gotta find some other form of exercise. Bummer.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


That's what it's been - quiet. Had a wonderfully restful weekend; did some cooking (corned beef and cabbage! One of my all-time favorites) and some baking (chocolate chip cookies with walnuts and snickerdoodles - brought those in to work; otherwise I would've eaten them. I find it funny that I didn't care much about baking when I was heavier, but that I love it now, when I really can't be eating that stuff) - watched an old movie with Special K - lounged around a lot. Did try to get some gardening in, but I've discovered that my yard is a mass of roots (we do have a lot of tall fir trees on and around our property), so that was a bust. And it rained. A lot. Sunday, we had a little bit of everything - snowflakes in the morning, sleet, hail, lots of high winds and sun breaks!

Ain't complainin' though - way better than the white stuff that sticks around.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well, I did it. Just came back from my first yoga session. Tried to go last night after work, but traffic was so bad on East Lake Sam, and I couldn't get there in time. I was going to try tonight again, but my businessman called; he needs me tonight, so I went at lunchtime for their "hour power."

Instructor says I did very good. I'm not so sure - I couldn't keep up. At one point, I got very dizzy and nauseous. I just got down in the beginning position (almost fetal but on your knees) and rode it out. I kept trying and that's what the instructor liked; that I stayed with it.

Very glad I went - looking forward to the next session.

Friday, March 6, 2009


My aunt is here, with her gentlemen friend, from Holland for my dad's birthday. Very easy to see the family genes.

They came Wed night to spend a few days at our house, so that they could get some skiing in and to be a lot closer to SeaTac Sat morning for their flight back home.
But Mother Nature's not done with Winter yet. We had a lot of snow up in the mountains and the pass even closed for a bit yesterday, so they decided not to go (I'm so glad they didn't - lots of reported accidents up that way). They'll try again today. I hope they're successful - they both so enjoy skiing. I personally don't see the fun in hurling down a mountainside, dodging trees and other people and stuff, but they love it. I'd rather jump out of a plane - now that seems like a lot of fun!

And here's the birthday boy. It was a very nice get-together, even if half the food wasn't great, and the service even worse - good company can generally overcome anything.
Down another 2 pounds this week - very excited to see it come off. It's so odd, after months of dropping poundage like there's no tomorrow to have it come to a screeching halt, pretty much. I was hoping the honeymoon period would last a little longer (they say anywhere from 8 to 12 months), but, hey, I can't complain. Results have been good.

Besides, no one would listen :o)

Monday, March 2, 2009


Thinking I need to up the exercise ante; twice a day walking just doesn't seem enough anymore. And I'm doing little things, like climbing stairs (today, I walked up all four flights at work instead of taking the elevator - felt the backs of my legs), parking further away from stores (I used to drive around and around until I found one fairly close to the entrance), arm and leg lifts, but I need more to tone stuff up. My angel wings seem better, but even though my weight is staying between 176 & 178, I feel like I'm getting a little poof up front (right underneath the bust; very odd).

So, I'm going to go for yoga. I'm not one for the gym; never liked exercise and still don't. I have a beautiful stationary bike in my living room, right in front of the TV - do you think I'm on that thing every day? Nope. Three days a week? Uh, uh. Once a week? No way. I've read some about yoga; Special K even got me a beautiful yoga mat a while back. So I'm checking some of the local yoga places around work, so that I can go either on my lunch or right after work.

This will be very interesting.