Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not so photogenic :o)

Never have been very photogenic, but here's a pic from last week's work event - Wet 'n Wild:
Going to the folks this weekend and Pop's got a newer digital camera. Maybe I can get him to take some better shots.

I know it's not a great pic, but those grey pants? Used to be skin tight. And I couldn't wear my Events Team t-shirt - I was busting out of it.

If I had to pick one thing I didn't like most, it's that doublechin (runs in the family on my father's side). Whenever I would lose weight previously in my life, once my face came back, the chin would disappear. I guess it's an age thing now, cuz it doesn't seem to be goin' anywhere. Oh, well....

Monday, July 28, 2008

Girls go Shopping!

We went shopping for clothes Saturday afternoon, and what fun! I badly needed pants that fit. We had planned on visiting some thrift shops, but we started (and ended!) at Catherine's, which is a fat lady store. Been shopping there for years. They've always had nice, sporty clothing all the way up to 5x.

Well, my tops? From a 5x to a 3x. My pants? From 3x to 1x or 2x, depending on the cut. It was a lot of fun trying things on and actually see a much better shape. I know I still have a ways to go, but my goodness. The store was having a clearance sale, and everything we got was from those racks. Got 3 pairs of pants and 4 blouses and 1 vest, all for $120. Not too shabby. Not quite the $5 pants I had envisioned from the thrift store, but all very nice, quality items, so that's a plus.

Oh, and pants - some go by X's, but some go by actual sizes. I was able to zip up a size 24. I haven't been a 24 in years! More like 28 or 30.

So nice that clothes shopping is fun again.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Saturday!

Life has been sweet - no bad days this week. Although Thursday we had an event at work that involved a dunk tank (a fund raiser for our company's Heart Walk team) and since I'm on the Events Team, I was helping out. Having been cool and overcast all week, we were worried it would be that way on Thursday, but luckily the sun came out and it got warm. However, I was chasing and picking up the balls. Between standing in the sun and bending over repeatedly, I got very dizzy(er!) twice. Most disconcerting, but I knew it was my own fault. I didn't eat enough that day. Ah, well. Gotta focus on getting those calories and protein in.

A very nice co-worker brought in two pair of really nice jeans that didn't fit her anymore. Said she used to work at a Gap, and they are beautiful. They are a size 18 and a 20, and I don't think the 20 will fit yet. Special K wants me to try - thinks the 20 will already. We'll see - I'll try it later on this morning.

In any event, I need pants. Mine are all falling off my hips. Later today, we're gonna hit some thrift shops and Avenue and Catherines to see if we can find some on the cheap. Don't want buy anything too expensive only to have it be too big again in a few months.

Life is good.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Passed a co-worker today, and he said, “you’re looking quite svelte these days.” How exciting is that? I would never have linked the word “svelte” with me. Made me smile, it did.

This morning, lamenting the lack of pants in my closet, I came across a skirt/blouse set that we had bought, what, maybe three or four years ago. We bought it because it's just my cup of tea (black with sage, beige and lavender floral print) and it was on a sales rack at Mervyns. I think we paid like $10 or $13 for it. Only problem it was way too small. I almost got rid of it last year when I cleaned out our closets, but I just loved the print.

It caught my eye this morning, and I thought that I would give it a try. It fits perfectly.

I'm feeling beautiful today.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Still Learning...

Died again Saturday. I went to the Lavender Festival with Miss R (Special K had to work so she couldn't come with) - it was a perfect day. Beautiful weather - upper 60's to low 70's. At one point, we were sitting in the shade and I was almost too cold. And we had a good time. Even the drive was very nice - it was great to catch up on things with Miss R, who had recently (May this year) remarried to a really nice fellow, W. When we moved last year into our duplex, there were so many things that needed doing, and the handyman from the rental office was pretty much useless, so W stepped in and did a lot for us. So very sweet of him.

Anyway, back to Saturday - we were at the fair in downtown Sequim when we got to the food court section and it was time for lunch. Looking at all their offerings, I saw my choices were very limited. They had pizza, gyros, bbq ribs, shimp/crab bakes (thought about those but too much bread), and Thai. I thought my best bet was the Thai, as they had chicken satays. Cool - ordered one of those, but after I paid, I asked for the peanut sauce and they said they didn't have any. They would have it the following day on Sunday. I said that didn't do me any good today, does it? Think they cared? No. Miss R said to give it back and we would find something else, but I really didn't think there was anything else so I kept it. Ate a small portion of the end, but man, was it dry. Very disappointing.

I was fine for the rest of the fair - I think because I was walking and that moved things around in there. But once we got in the car, I started to feel uncomfortable. And more we drove, the worse it got. I could just feel the pressure building. Poor Miss R - I was horrible company on the long ride back. I even dosed a bit - and I let myself, thinking I might feel better once I woke up. Nope. Had to get home so I could "lose" my lunch. And of course, I felt every little bump in the road. That was a hard trip. I was so happy to see my house.

It was about 7:30 when we got home and I was done for the day. Woke up around 3 am still feeling a bit yuck, but when I got up Sunday morning, I felt much better. Spent Sunday at Big Bro Dude's place - cooked up a steak for him, with garlic toast and snow peas. I knew better to try steak (and boy, at that moment, I really wanted it) - stayed with the toast and snow peas. And was glad I did later on in the day.

I really appreciate it now when I feel good :o)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Dizzy(er) today

I am actually at that point where I have to make myself eat. I brought a yogurt to work this morning, but I didn't realize it had that asphertame stuff in it, so I couldn't eat it. And of course my work day got underway - fully meant to go make oatmeal, but I just never got there.

So, it's 2:45 and I'm eating for the first time today. This isn't good. And then I wonder why I feel dizzy.

Yesterday, same thing. Didn't eat breakfast - had some chicken salad late morning. I had a cherry slushy from 7-11 (hey, it was hot and it sounded good and it was!) and some slices of cucumber in the afternoon while I was chopping cucs and onion to make a cucumber salad. Then a handful of peanuts late afternoon and some soy chips around 9:00. Even though the peanuts and chips are good sources of good fat and protein, I need to eat real food.

It's just seems so not worth bothering making myself a meal when I'm only going to eat three or fours bites. Now, if Special K or I make something for dinner we can both eat, that's different, but oftentimes, we do our own thing.

Now, drinking - I have no problem, other than having to do it slowly. Like the slushie - that goes down very easily. I've even had soda a few times now (gotta watch that - was hoping that craving would go away) and as long as I drink it slowly, I'm ok. And oddly enough, coke doesn't sit that well - I do better with 7-Up or Sprite, which I only tolerated before. Haven't tried alcohol yet - that kind of scares me for some reason.

So, making Tuna Surprise for dinner for both of us (a childhood recipe from Special K's family - tuna, mushroom soup and potato chips - sounds weird but so yum!). Should be ok.

Have a great week, everyone! Stay cool!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's being a good day!

Happy Thursday, my faithful one or two readers :o)

Feelin' good today. Lots of energy. Had a lunch meeting and was actually able to enjoy the taco bar. Made half a chicken taco, took a spoonful of rice and of beans, and away I went. I was able to nearly finish the taco, but I recognized the full feeling and stopped. That's something I always have to be careful about - stopping before I get too full; otherwise, it will not be comfortable.

Getting wonderful comments from co-workers - that's so much fun. Nice for folks to notice I'm "melting" away.

One observation I've had over the past few days is that my "affair" with food is changing. I no longer see the food commercials on TV, I mean, I "see" them, but I'm not really paying attention as I once did (oooo, look at that steak - want one! type of thing). This again is something I hope stays this way. I like not obsessing over food. I'm not missing the candy bars, the cupcakes, etc. Actually, I've had a doughnut (Kathy brought some home - mini doughnuts - from Starbucks - 0gr fat) - it was an old-fashioned and went done easily. I've had ice cream (Dibs - the little bites of vanilla covered in chocolate - but instead of eating the whole box at once, I'd have 4 or 5 pieces). I've had bread - whole grain - not even half a slice - all that would fit :o) But I'm enjoying fruit more - trying veggies, but they don't digest so well yet.

All about portion control and knowing your limits.

Monday, July 7, 2008

No Beef For Me!

I ate the beef last Thursday, from the barbeque, and I died for the rest of the day. It hurt so bad. I also threw up repeatedly last Thursday, well into the evening. That damned beef would not come up. And I ate so little of it! That's the thing that surprised me the most. Four little pieces - and I was good - I chewed the hell out of those four little pieces. Tasted wonderful, but totally not worth the misery I went through afterwards.

So. No beef for me yet. I do ground beef ok, but not steaks or flanks yet. Ah, well - it'll come.

Then, I went ahead and did almost the same thing on Saturday. I had chicken. Now, I've already done chicken several times so far and did alright. But I either ate too much of it, or I didn't chew it properly (I did eat it standing up at the counter, one piece for me, one piece for Sparky, one piece for me, one piece for Sparky, and so on), and I suffered for the rest of the day.

The horrible thing about getting like that? I can't even drink water. It gets stuck. And I cannot lie down to try to "sleep it off." The minute I lay down, it wants to come up.

I know the "rules." I know I'm supposed to cut every little thing I eat into teeny tiny little pieces and eat slowly and chew everything to smithereens before swallowing. But that's not a natural way to eat, and I don't always remember. But I'm sure that's what helped contribute to the size I had become - not being aware.

You can bet I'm aware now.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Barbeque Today!

Today, one of the departments reporting to my boss is having a bbq, and they're always very sweet about inviting me to their functions (as an admin to the director over the bldg, I don't really belong to any one dept).

I usually love potlucks and bbq's, but it will be interesting today to see what I can eat. This is their annual 4th of July bbq, and one of their employees always makes a Mexican dish - flap-sirloin meat, marinated, with rice and beans and salsa, with tortillas. So very good.

I'm hoping I can manage a few pieces of the beef. I've had ground beef and I've had chicken, both of which has sat very well, but I haven't done steak or straight beef yet. Been jonesing for a really nice steak.

I just hope it don't hurt. But only one way to find out.

Happy 4th of July, everyone!