Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Out of "One"derland

At least I think I am. I've been afraid to step on that scale. Not really in denial; I can tell by how my clothes are fitting. Another couple pounds and I won't be able to wear my last fitting pair of black jeans.

And I don't know if it is the weight, or all the emotions I'm experiencing lately (between my mother, my workaholic honey, my aging Westie, ever-present money worries and now - AND NOW, another set of good friends leaving the state (yes, Miss T - I'm talking about YOU), but I'm tired. Just tired. Every afternoon I feel like I need a nap. I haven't had that feeling since I've dropped all this weight - that feeling is a fat girl feeling. And I don't like it.

I am eating constantly, it seems. And I see the portions are getting bigger. Just a month ago, I couldn't finish half a Panera sandwich; I had to take one of the slices of bread off and still could only eat maybe two-thirds of it.

I just now finished a whole half. Without realizing that I forgot to take the top slice off.

I start off each and every single day with new resolve. It doesn't last much past mid-morning.

I really didn't think I'd become a statistic. Looks like I'm heading that way. I wonder if the good surgeon would consider redoing something in there. Although, I would just end up right back where I am now. I gotta fix whatever it is in my head that's causing me to selfdestruct myself.

Oh, bother.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Union Pulse

We had visitors Sunday night. Strangers. Now friends. From Milwaukee :)

Special K and I went to Milwaukee (K's hometown) last week for her nephew/godson's wedding. Friday, we go into Walgreens and the young man that helped us, overhearing that we're from Seattle, said he and his band would be playing in Seattle over the Memorial Day weekend; did we know any inexpensive places to stay? K and I looked at each other (don't you love how when you've been with someone for a while, you know what each other is thinking?), and told him we have a guest bedroom that they're more than welcome to bunk down in. He was very jazzed - we exchanged contact info and went our merry way.

Next day; day of the wedding - K and I decide to get our hair done and we go to Cloud 9 on Oakdale (highly recommended by K's sister and we agree!). Pat, our hairdresser, upon hearing where we're from, said "we have a local entertainer that's going to be in Seattle next weekend - you have to go see them." I asked if his name was James, and she was like, WOW - how did you know? Kismet, I think. She told us what nice boys they were and how she's seen them several times (she's a fledgling photographer and has shot their show several times when they play locally). Nice to get validation that they weren't serial killers :)

Being bad with pictures - got a bunch. Need to get them up. Been pretty much on the run, but no excuse, cuz I've had time.