Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We had a wonderful weekend getaway - we did the Cascade Loop and stayed in a cute little town called Twisp.
This is on top of a mountain at Sun Mtn Lodge - a very pricey hotel. Very pretty but we loved our cabin. No view like this, but we had everything we needed in a cute little space and best thing, they allowed dogs, so we could take the Sparkster with us.
The cabin was just like a teeny house - had a living room, fully-loaded kitchen, bedroom and a bathroom. Best of all - a fantastic-working air conditioner, cuz man, we needed that! It was 97 degrees on Saturday. Wasn't too oppressive - it was a dry heat, but it was good to have air. Sparky liked it, too. The only thing we forgot to take with us was one of his toys, so he got a new souvenir from Twisp - a Rocky Raccoon plush toy - which he loves. It's the new best thing for him.
This is a neat tree over Lake Diablo, which we took on the way home through the Cascades. There's still snow up in the mountains - pretty amazing. Such a beautiful state we live in - do love it here in the Pacific North West!

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