Monday, January 25, 2010

For Miss T

Miss T said "I love your Sparky, but ya gotta get a new post up!" My one and only reader - so demanding :o)

Miss T and her other half were the hostess with the mostest on Saturday; they held a fiesta at their home. Good lord, you should have seen that spread - the food was so good. They had london broil, shredded, for their taco meat. Never had london broil that way - worth every papaya pill I had to take afterwards.

Wearing my jeans today, and man, do they hurt. Too tight. I was all full of "ok, that's it - gonna start today and do it right." So what do I have for lunch? A bacon cheeseburger with onion rings. Yeah, that's allowed - no problem. What a dunderhead. And because, hey, I've already blown it for the day, I just had to have a sweet a little bit ago.

I do not understand my head. I love being thin. I love my new wardrobe. I love being able to walk forever and all the energy that comes with not having to haul so much fat around.

And I know all the rules. Limit sugar and fats; stay away from white food (breads, rice) and fried foods, eat a lot of veggies and fruit. Yadayadayada.

So why is it being so hard to stay on track. I had thought that the period after my surgery was the hardest thing I ever did, but I have to retract that. Keeping the weight off is my challenge du jour.

Just once, I'd like something major go the way I thought it would. Just once.