Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I apologize; life's been crazybusy and I just don't think about this blog much anymore. My surgery was 4.5 years ago and I've pretty much stabilized. I had gained another 10, but I've lost that (although that's more because I'm having trouble with my teeth :) ); hoping I can use this as a jump start to get back on track. I've read that it's common for WLS patients to regain the few years after surgery, but then there are those that get back on track and lose it again, but then there are those that regain almost all that they have lost. I'm not even going there.

So, Happy Holidays to my family and friends not here with us this season! You all are very much missed - I swear, if anyone else thinks about moving, I'm going to have to come hunt you down and drag you back :)<

Merry, merry, joy, joy!