Friday, June 5, 2009

She lives!

Hello! Man, I've missed being able to post here. I upgraded my IE browser to the latest 8.0 version and it seems it makes a difference.

This was taken at a hot dog roast my boss threw for our bldg a few weeks ago. On the left is another one of our gastric bypassers - Jenny, and in the middle is our captain of our Heart Walk team this year, Sam (I've been captain for the past 5 years; thought I wanted a break, though now I'm finding I'm missing it - go figure :o)

Sam has lost about 140 pounds, on her own. She's been seeing a nutritionist and sees her doctor regularly, but no surgery for her. I'm certainly not putting down surgery. For some of us, it was what we needed to get where we are, but if I could have lost this massive amount of weight without having altered my body, you bet I would have preferred that.

So our Heart Walk team this year is called "The Biggest Losers and our supporters." My Special K came up with that - pretty cool, huh? It's going to be hard this year; everyone's feeling the recession's pinch, but like I've been posting on the site and in my donation request e-mails, heart disease doesn't go away just because there's a recession. So I have to try. Click the HW logo to link to my page, if you have a spare $25 (or more!) to donate to such a worthy cause:

And we had a visitor a few weeks back. Good friends of ours took a trip to the East coast for a week and left their BIG canine companion with us. Bumming because I can't find the pictures I took of him - thought I had them here. Anyways, his name is Hershey and he's BIG. He's a sweetie - almost thinks he's a lap dog. Loves his lovin', loves his walks, loves his treats - BIG lovable galoot! Did I mention that he's BIG? Since we have little Sparky, anything else decent sized seems large, but damn, Hersh is BIG. Special K came up with "Mr. Big" just as the week was ending. What was so funny is that he is just like Sparky in that where ever you are, he needs to be. Where ever you're walking, he needs to be right in step with you. Going potty even - hey, he'll keep you company. Too funny. Sparky always sleeps on K's side of the bed - that's where his bed is, so of course, that's where Mr. Big wanted to sleep, too. One night K rolled over me to get out of bed to go the bathroom. Didn't want to step on DOG - OK to squish her honey instead - lol!

Then after the week was up, T&J came to pick up their Mr. Big and went home. All of a sudden, the house seemed a little empty. That Mr. Big? Welcome back here any time.

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