Monday, June 29, 2009

"cation time

Well, our two-week road trip to Milwaukee got whittled down to a 4-day weekend to Twisp, WA (we're doing the Cascade Loop over State Hwy 20 - supposed to be very pretty). We found a lovely motel with cottages that take dogs (Yes, the Sparkster is coming - he does love to be with his people and he definitely loves his car rides) and - gasp - allows smoking in the room. Should be fun - looking very forward to it.

I had put in for a two-week vacation (over the 4th of July weekend, so 9 days) - it got denied. I'm in the hole with my PTO (those 10 days they made us take last December put me there; still digging out from under). So I tried 4 days - nope; denied. Only way to get any time off would be unpaid. We had already decided not to go to Milwaukee, as Special K's brother is still out of work and even though he's still throwing his annual party on the lake for the Big Bang (fireworks/4th celebration on Lake Michigan in Milwaukee), he can't afford to fly up (he lives in Arizona - pretty cool to throw this party annually for friends and family when half the time, he doesn't make it up himself). So since he can't go, we figured not to, either, since we won't get to see him. We then thought just to go to the Black Hills to see the fireworks at Mount Rushmore, and then swing by to see our friends who recently moved to Patterson, Ca. But we can't afford for me to take 4 days unpaid, so I'm taking just one and we're staying local.

Oh, well. Maybe next year. Then I'll have time built up again.

Not much happening on the "diet" front. Hanging steady at 169 (give or take a few pounds on any given day). Trying hard to up the water consumption; I think that alone would help, cuz I never did get very good at getting my 64 oz in daily. Just not thirsty most of the time, and I just don't think of it. I do drink a lot of coffee, but that's more so I won't eat :o) cuz I do seem to want to snack ALL THE TIME. Not sure what's up with that; I don't think I was this bad when I was heavy.

So, it's a short week. And the weather's been beautiful. I'm so grateful for our Washington weather; while other parts of the country are sweltering , we're comfortable.

This is one of the reasons why we put up with those nasty winters.

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