Friday, October 15, 2010


Mr T sent me an e-mail today - he does this often; usually what he's been doing and observations he made. He's retired and lovin' it - he truly gets full enjoyment out of each and every day. I'm posting his e-mail - I love it. So simple, yet, to me, so profound:

Looking out the office window, I just realised that my big spiders are gone.. All of them, webs and all.. It's as tho someone or something took it upon themselves to rid my view of the gang.. I have never paid much attention before, but this bunch, there was 5 or 6 of 'em; was interesting to watch. I saw a seed leaf drop onto one of the biggest webs yesterday, all the spider did was circle around the leaf, cutting it loose from the web and watched it fall, he then went to work repairing the part that he had removed,and the web was good as new.. I never thought that I would be saddened by a bunch of big spiders just disappearing like that.. Funny how life can be.. In years past, I most likely would have wiped them out myself.. I am so glad that every day is different, no matter in how ever a small way. Without even thinking about it, I have much to be thankful for.. Loves'n Hugs... ex-spider man...

Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, I thought so, too.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New member of the family; kinda...

So, we're keeping the kitty. Actually, not so much "keeping" her, but we'll be her caretakers as long as she feels like hanging around. Can't have her inside (there's that nipping thing she does), but I've made it comfortable outside on the deck for her. Walgreen's had these fleece blankets on sale week before last for $1.98, so I bought two. Got one on the wicker chair she likes to sit in (the nights are getting colder already!)

Read an article last week in the Seattle Times about a woman (a retiree) who goes around, catching feral cats, getting them checked out by a vet, spay/neuter (if they're not already), vaccinations, and then tries to find a place for them - whether that be back to where she found them (if someone there is willing to be their caretaker), or if they're young enough, try to find an actual home for them. Those that aren't rehomable or have no place to go, get sent to a cat sanctuary in Snohomish - big piece of property where they have a barn for when it's cold and they get fed and medical care, if needed, and loving, if they want that :) Pretty cool organization:

I sent them an e-mail with some questions; turns out that orange & white tabbies are typically male. They're going to get a cat-trap to me so that I can bring my kittie to get checked out, spayed or neutered, shots, etc., and then I'll get her (him?) back. Will be good to know the sex - then I can come up with a proper name.

I need ideas, folks - I thought I liked Tabitha, but I've changed my mind. Special K likes just "Cat" which I suppose would be alright, but that's kinda boring.

Monday, October 11, 2010

An empty Thanksgiving...

Wow - it just hit me today.

The last bunch of years, we have had a house-full on Thanksgiving, but this year:

- Mum's gone
- T&J moved to Reno
- R&W retired down to Patterson, CA (well, they did that last year)
- Sharon retired to Minnesota

Well, we'll have the boys over: Pop, Wim, Mr T, Mr Grouchface - and us two gals. Total of 6. Ouch - oh, wait! Miss P! She came last year and had a blast; I'll bet she'll come again. That makes 7 :) Need to find one more chickie to make 4 guys & 4 gals.

All these retirees. I wanna retire - so very ready to become a lady of leisure.

Ha. Not in this lifetime.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Dreaded "C" procedure...

Sigh. I knew, once I hit 50, that I was going to have to have this done, but I thought I could squeak by for another year or so. Nope.

Saw my surgeon; he was very complimentary and tried to reassure me that most weight loss patients will go through a weight gain once their appetite returns to somewhat normal levels. He did get on me for not keeping up with the vitamins and the water intake, but then, I knew he would. He was, however, concerned about my complaint of needing Prilosec twice a day, oftentimes, although he did assure me that I will probably have to take them for life. I had thought that I read somewhere that Prilosec can do damage to the liver and that was my fear. Thought by now, I wouldn't need it anymore. But, man, when I forget to take that stupid little pill in the morning, I die later on in the day. Well, not "die;" that's a little over-dramatic, but it sure does hurt. A lot. He's also concerned that I feel hungry. All the time. Even after I've just eaten. Says that's not normal.

So he's scheduled me for an upper GI and a colonoscopy (gonna get me from both ends) at the same time; that way, he only needs to knock me out once. What a sweetheart. Yuck. Special K's had this done several times over the years and while the procedure itself isn't bad (you're out cold - you feel nothing, but loopy when you wake up :) ), it's the preparation the day before. That jug with a gazillion ounces of gross-tasting stuff that's supposed to cleanse the system. And then no eating/drinking/smoking anything from midnight Sunday until after the procedure, which will be 11 am the next morning.

I can deal with all of that - even the noxious tasting stuff. But no coffee in the morning? No cigs?

Just dig a hole and throw me in. Because it ain't gonna be pretty.