Sunday, October 26, 2008


Felt yuck all weekend. Couldn't eat anything yesterday, though I tried. Got my vitamins in, but that's about it. Had to work last night (got a new gig as a restroom attendant) - very unpleasant. I brought a banana along with me, thinking if I got hungry, I could try that. Man, took two little bites and thought I was going to lose it. And ironically, I'm in a restroom, but it's in a nightclub, so it's busy - all the stalls were taken. I don't know how I managed to sit there, look pleasant and not lose my innards. It passed, after a while, but that was very hard.

I finally figured out that yesterday was the first day without Prilosec. I had finished the two-week regiment the day before. I had hoped that I wouldn't have to continue to take it - it's not meant for every day use. But after walking the Sparkster this morning, we went to Target and got some more. I took one when I got home, and it's a little better today. Had some beans and they're sitting OK, for the most part. Stomach still hurts, though not as bad as yesterday. Hopefully, tomorrow, the Prilosec will kick in and I'll feel "normal" again. I've gotten spoiled over the past two weeks - I like feeling normal lol.

So the new gig - wanted to find something very part time-ish. Thought I found it with the casino dealing, but even though that was a lot of fun, the hours are too few and far between, so I wanted something else. There's a nightclub in Bellevue - a billiard parlor, actually, with music and a dance floor, and I got the job of restroom attendant. The potential for great tips are there - I just have to build the regulars. Only two nights a week (Fri & Sat), for 4.5 hours each night. That's doable. See how long I last. Friday was my first night and it was kinda fun. Last night, not so much, but I think that's because I felt so lousy.

And oddly, on the way from my interview/training session last Wed, I got a call from the fellow that I used to update his rug sites. He wanted to know if I wanted to still work for him, as his business picked up a little and he needed the help. I said sure. So now I have three part-time jobs. The rugs, the nightclub and the business man I help a few times a week.

Whew. I'm tired just typing that.

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