Thursday, October 16, 2008


It occurred to me today that I haven't really felt nauseous since last week. I started with the Prilosec last Saturday, and I'm trying to get more water down every day (still not where I should be, but I'm trying).

It is so wonderful to feel "normal." Not to have issues with the tummy - was getting very old feeling sickly all the time.

The only thing I have to watch now is that I've noticed that I'm hungrier this week, especially in the evenings. I want to snack - not necessarily because I'm hungry; just feel like having a little something. And this is not good.

Got taken out to lunch by a vendor today - I ordered a Seafood Chopped Salad - baby greens and spinach with crab and bay shrimp, tomato, cucumber, artichoke with blue cheese crumbles and a light vinaigrette. So yummy - loved it - was able to eat a half of a small order. I was amazed how much I did eat. And here it is, just a few hours later, and I'm hungry.

All part of the process, I imagine. Gotta deal with it, and just say "no" when my mind says "go get something."

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