Monday, October 6, 2008

I did it!

Well, the Heart Walk is done, and I was able to walk the entire route, ending up in much better condition that when I did it before. No heart attack this time. Although, as well as I thought myself prepared, my legs are sore! Very jazzed.

Kind of a let down, though. While this year's Heart Walk was the most satisfying for me, in terms of my personal goal, the terrific team we had and the money we raised for a great cause, it was also the most disappointing one for me. We weren't together as a company as we had been in the past, and I feel the Heart Walk itself dropped the ball this year. It was all so lackluster. There was no truck at the beginning of the walk, calling out companies names, as they've always done, and the finish banner was not at the end of the walk, it was by the doors to the stadium with no photographer to take pictures. I don't bring a camera because they always have photographers all over (and you can go on-line afterwards to get those pictures).

I know times are tough with a possible recession heading our way, and maybe that's why the Heart Walk only pulled in 1.5 mil this year (I believe that's the lowest it's raised since we've been doing this), but it was as if they showed their disappointment on Saturday. Yeah, OK, it was a little wet, but it wasn't the all-out gale and wind folks thought it would be. We even had a bit of sunshine while up on the viaduct!

Oh, well. So that's that. I'll post pictures once they become available.

Wonderful weekend with Special K, though. Even though we didn't find Fido Fest Saturday (we went to the University District after the walk and drove all through it, but just couldn't find it), we had a nice day - took Sparky to Marymore Park (he just loves it there). Yesterday, we visited Mr T up in Monroe where we met his new lady friend - love her! She's a kick - perfect match for Mr T. We had had jumbo blue crabs flown in from Maryland and had those with corn on the cob and a beautiful big fruit salad Mr T threw together.

I haven't lost anything for quite a few days now, but I'm not minding, cuz I'm glad I've not gained. I ate well yesterday!

And as for the Heart Walk, I think we'll just write a check next year.

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