Monday, October 20, 2008

Almost to Onederland!

Finally! It's been over a week, and I "know" that's ok, but I get so frustrated when the scale doesn't go down. I was starting to feel that if it took feeling nauseous to lose weight, I'd stop the Prilosec and not work so hard on getting the water in, which is silly, of course, but that's how I felt.

But two pounds down this morning - getting close to Onederland. It's been 20 years since I've weighed 100 something, so it's still so exciting. And today is the 5th month since surgery, so 121 - not too shabby.

Went shopping this weekend and found that I'm fitting into XLs - what a feeling to go into any store, pick something you actually like off the rack and have it fit. Amazing! Found a pretty pink turtleneck, a kick-ass white/black short-cropped jacket (for dirt cheap - it was on the wrong rack, and the store honored the much, much lower price - too cool!), and a black shell I got to go with that jacket. All for just about $10 - I love discount racks! LOL Makes it so much easier to go clothes shopping. It's actually fun now, where before, I would almost dread it.

A few pictures from the Heart Walk:

From left to right; CJ, Sam, Carin, Kathy and Angela. CJ and Angela both had weight loss surgery and have done very well. Sam is doing her own thing and is down 100 pounds already! So proud of all of them. Aileen and Peggy (the other two ladies who have had this procedure) wasn't around when we had this picture taken, which was a bummer. Would've liked one with all of us.

And Kathy and me with two of the Sea Gals (cheerleaders for the SeaHawks)... Couldn't find the SeaHawk mascot, like last year. Too bad.. cute bird lol

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