Sunday, October 12, 2008

Go, Pack!

Very excited - I was very lucky to have a friend who knew someone who knew someone who works for the Seahawk organization, and through all that, I was able to pick up a couple of tickets to today's game at Qwest Field (Pack against the Hawks), and at cost! No scalper prices for me! I'm not that into football, but my Special K most certainly is, and I do enjoy watching the Packers, even if they did treat my Brett most horribly (keep teasing K I'm gonna become a Jet fan - lol).

For most of my journey, I experience nausea quite often, with a good amount of discomfort around that bump I've got. But last week was exceptionally bad. In speaking with one of the other ladies at work who had had this surgery too, I found out a possible solution - Prilosec. Picked some up yesterday and yesterday was a joy (probably helped that I didn't wear a bra all day, too - sassy, I know, but hey, it was Saturday). Took one this morning and so far, so good. Able to enjoy my coffee and it's feeling good.

Have a great week, all! Keep your fingers crossed for the Pack!

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