Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Friday

Happy Friday, everyone. Heart Walk is tomorrow, and I am very excited. Rain is in the forecast, but we're going anyway. Found out not too long ago that the Humane Society is having their fundraising walk tomorrow, too. We can't make that, but we are going to the Fido Fest afterwards. We'll have Sparky with us (he loves his car rides, and with his pillow and blanket in the back seat, he's very comfortable), so that after we finish with the Heart Walk stuff, we can head out to University District for the festival. They, unlike the Heart Walk (ok, not the Heart Walk's fault - it's Quest Field that doesn't allow animals - I'd like to know what they think those big ole sweaty football players are if not animals :o), allow us to bring our animal companions. Should be fun.

And going to see a friend on Sunday - we ordered jumbo Maine crabs (last of the season!) and will be enjoying them while watching some ball game (I'm there for the crab and company, obviously lol). I love that I can do crab, cuz that has always been one of my favorites - up there with lobster - yum!

So fun weekend coming up. Looking forward to good times, good food and good friends!

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