Monday, September 8, 2008

Yea, Mariners!

Special K and I had a wonderful weekend. We visited the folks on Saturday - it was a beautiful day for a drive. Mum made her fabulous croquettes, and I was able to eat a bunch of them! So yummy. Took the Sparkster with us - he loves his car rides.

Yesterday, we went to a Mariner game at Safeco Field. A co-worker had given us the tickets, as she couldn't go. What a wonderful afternoon. We drove to the park and ride, and then caught the game special to the ball park. Only way to go. No hassle trying to find parking and maneuvering through the traffic - less expensive, too. We saw one parking lot charging $25! Outrageous. The bus cost us $12 total, coming and going. It dropped us off right at the corner of the park, and picked us up at the same place. We were in and out so fast. Beautiful. And then the game - it was a gorgeous summer's day - I was just a little chilly as our seats were in the shade the entire time, and there was a wind blowing, but Special K brought her jacket - good thing for me. I had nachos (chips, cheese and jalapenos!) and K had a dog - we shared a beer, and then some peanuts. Felt terrific - made it even nicer. And the Mariners won! Yea, team!

Only frustrating thing - it's been about a week, and no pounds lost. I know there will be plateaus, but a week. Not liking that.

Seeing my doctor today for my 3-month follow-up.

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