Friday, September 26, 2008

Go, Team!

As many of you know, Special K and I are very involved with our American Heart Walk each year, and this year has been the most special because our team is made of employees at work that have had some sort of weight loss surgery and those that support us, and all are doing fantastic. I'm so proud of all of them.

We had our one big fundraising event yesterday at work - our annual baked potato sale. We get one-pound potatoes and we lay out a bar with all the fixings you can think of to put on a potato; cheese (shredded and hot nacho cheese), chili (regular and vegetarian), onions, bacon bits, jalapenos, sour cream (fat free and regular), steamed broccoli florets, butter, Smart Balance, and one of team members made Pico de Gallo, which was very popular - folks couldn't say enough good things about it.

We hadn't gotten as many orders as we have historically, and we think that's due to the current economy. Folks are tightening their belts and holding on to their shekels. But we made 13 extra, just in case. Well, not only did we sell all the extras, but we sold the six no-shows and one from someone out ill. Way cool. Raised a total of $432 for the Heart Walk, after expenses.

And our team? Totally, freakin' amazing. Special K and I have done this sale now for five years (this was our fifth event), and we sometimes were on our own or maybe one or two other helpers. Well, this year - phew! We had a total of seven of us down there yesterday - totally amazing. It went so well - the best ever. Very Jazzed.

So our team has met it's goal, and I made my personal goal - yea, Team!

Donations are always welcome, if you haven't already. Even though we've reached our goals, the object is to get as much as we can for this amazing charity. The good they do is phenomenal.

Thank you!

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