Monday, September 29, 2008


A little concerned - I've found a lump or a bump right in the middle of my chest; where my rib cage comes together. And when I press on this bump, I feel instant nausea, which tells me this must have been here for a while, because since the surgery, I've had trouble with my bras. If the band was too wide or laid just on a particular spot, it would be very uncomfortable. I finally fit into a very nice bra that's been too small for years, and the band is soft, so for the most part, I'm OK, but it must be this bump that the band is hitting to cause the discomfort.

I checked with one of the other ladies here at work that have had this procedure, and she's not noticed any bump. So, I guess I need to go check it out. I already have a mamo scheduled for this week, and I'm seeing my regular doctor next week.

Trying very hard not to freak.

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