Thursday, September 11, 2008

One more to go!

Finally!!! Dropped another pound this morning, making it a total of 99. One more 'til 100. My goodness - I still find this amazing. Even though this is one of the hardest things I've ever done, it is so totally worth it, and I am still amazed at the results. Every body is different, and different folks respond differently. It also depends on how serious they are and if they watch what they're eating.

I have naturally gravitated over to salads and soups and fruits, because my taste buds have changed. Things that tasted good pre-surgery no longer do - for example, rice. I used to love rice. It just doesn't taste the same anymore. I'm liking fruit a lot more than I did. Craving veggies. I pretty much don't eat meat or poultry anymore, cuz it just doesn't work. Occassionally I'll have ground beef or ground chicken, but I do much better with fish, and while I always liked fish, I like it more now.

My number one problem before was my Coca-Cola habit - 3,4, sometimes 5 cans/bottles a day. Now I just don't care for the taste of it - I prefer 7-Up, which I never cared much for before. And I drink very little at a time - I prefer it in my frosty mug so that it turns to ice and I eat it with a spoon. Weird, huh? I do occassionally crave some chocolate, but when I do, I like a Butterfinger. I bought a bar a few weeks ago, and that thing lasted me over a week. I'd have a bite and I was fine.

I'm trying to instill some good eating habits, so that when my 6-month honeymoon period is over, I can sustain the weight and not put it back. That would be the ultimate let down for me, if I allowed myself to do that. Just shoot me then, and be done with it, cuz I did not go through all this just to end up big again. That just is not an option. If I see myself headed that way, I swear I'll get my jaw wired shut.

My follow-up with Dr L went great - he was amazed how much I have lost in just over 3 months. He has a concern, as I do, that I'm not getting enough protein, so he ordered a blood test. I need to go do that. But he's pleased with my progress.

So, onwards and upwards. The holidays are approaching (where did this year go?) and I have to mentally prepare myself that things are different this year, so many things I enjoyed in the past are no longer an option. Thanksgiving will be interesting.

But I have to remember it's just one day. And that's all I can do, is do it one day at a time.

So far, so good.

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