Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Got a nice e-mail today from an old friend down in So Cal ( he and his partner lives right there in North Hollywood - oops! "scuse me - in Valley Village!) He and I used to work together, once upon a time. He is such a hoot - a lot of fun to be around.

I really love living up here in the Northwest, but sometimes, I really miss L.A. - actually it's people we left behind that I miss. Moonface is one of these people - such a sweetheart; a total love. Sassy, too, though - one thing that always comes to mind is his hair. If it was raining or too windy, good Lord, watch out. Never a strand out of place. Too funny!

So, it was terrific hearing from him and finding out he's been reading this blog (Hi, Mr. S! man - that sounds stuffy; ok, let's try this - Hi, Moonface! yup, much better) and hearing his good wishes.

Just really grateful for the terrific family and friends that I have - life goes best with love!

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