Monday, July 7, 2008

No Beef For Me!

I ate the beef last Thursday, from the barbeque, and I died for the rest of the day. It hurt so bad. I also threw up repeatedly last Thursday, well into the evening. That damned beef would not come up. And I ate so little of it! That's the thing that surprised me the most. Four little pieces - and I was good - I chewed the hell out of those four little pieces. Tasted wonderful, but totally not worth the misery I went through afterwards.

So. No beef for me yet. I do ground beef ok, but not steaks or flanks yet. Ah, well - it'll come.

Then, I went ahead and did almost the same thing on Saturday. I had chicken. Now, I've already done chicken several times so far and did alright. But I either ate too much of it, or I didn't chew it properly (I did eat it standing up at the counter, one piece for me, one piece for Sparky, one piece for me, one piece for Sparky, and so on), and I suffered for the rest of the day.

The horrible thing about getting like that? I can't even drink water. It gets stuck. And I cannot lie down to try to "sleep it off." The minute I lay down, it wants to come up.

I know the "rules." I know I'm supposed to cut every little thing I eat into teeny tiny little pieces and eat slowly and chew everything to smithereens before swallowing. But that's not a natural way to eat, and I don't always remember. But I'm sure that's what helped contribute to the size I had become - not being aware.

You can bet I'm aware now.

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