Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's being a good day!

Happy Thursday, my faithful one or two readers :o)

Feelin' good today. Lots of energy. Had a lunch meeting and was actually able to enjoy the taco bar. Made half a chicken taco, took a spoonful of rice and of beans, and away I went. I was able to nearly finish the taco, but I recognized the full feeling and stopped. That's something I always have to be careful about - stopping before I get too full; otherwise, it will not be comfortable.

Getting wonderful comments from co-workers - that's so much fun. Nice for folks to notice I'm "melting" away.

One observation I've had over the past few days is that my "affair" with food is changing. I no longer see the food commercials on TV, I mean, I "see" them, but I'm not really paying attention as I once did (oooo, look at that steak - want one! type of thing). This again is something I hope stays this way. I like not obsessing over food. I'm not missing the candy bars, the cupcakes, etc. Actually, I've had a doughnut (Kathy brought some home - mini doughnuts - from Starbucks - 0gr fat) - it was an old-fashioned and went done easily. I've had ice cream (Dibs - the little bites of vanilla covered in chocolate - but instead of eating the whole box at once, I'd have 4 or 5 pieces). I've had bread - whole grain - not even half a slice - all that would fit :o) But I'm enjoying fruit more - trying veggies, but they don't digest so well yet.

All about portion control and knowing your limits.

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