Monday, July 14, 2008

Dizzy(er) today

I am actually at that point where I have to make myself eat. I brought a yogurt to work this morning, but I didn't realize it had that asphertame stuff in it, so I couldn't eat it. And of course my work day got underway - fully meant to go make oatmeal, but I just never got there.

So, it's 2:45 and I'm eating for the first time today. This isn't good. And then I wonder why I feel dizzy.

Yesterday, same thing. Didn't eat breakfast - had some chicken salad late morning. I had a cherry slushy from 7-11 (hey, it was hot and it sounded good and it was!) and some slices of cucumber in the afternoon while I was chopping cucs and onion to make a cucumber salad. Then a handful of peanuts late afternoon and some soy chips around 9:00. Even though the peanuts and chips are good sources of good fat and protein, I need to eat real food.

It's just seems so not worth bothering making myself a meal when I'm only going to eat three or fours bites. Now, if Special K or I make something for dinner we can both eat, that's different, but oftentimes, we do our own thing.

Now, drinking - I have no problem, other than having to do it slowly. Like the slushie - that goes down very easily. I've even had soda a few times now (gotta watch that - was hoping that craving would go away) and as long as I drink it slowly, I'm ok. And oddly enough, coke doesn't sit that well - I do better with 7-Up or Sprite, which I only tolerated before. Haven't tried alcohol yet - that kind of scares me for some reason.

So, making Tuna Surprise for dinner for both of us (a childhood recipe from Special K's family - tuna, mushroom soup and potato chips - sounds weird but so yum!). Should be ok.

Have a great week, everyone! Stay cool!

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