Monday, February 2, 2009

No Mouse Ears :o(

So, I don't get to turn 50 at Disneyland. That was the plan. Until T-Mobile/TLC Marketing messed it up.

We had free flight tickets from a promotion at the end of 2007. The forms asked for 3 different destinations, 3 different departure dates and 3 different return dates. I put in LAX only and gave a few choices for the dates, but not all that they asked for, as we don't have the luxury of going whenever we want. With that mandatory vacation that work made me take in December, I'm short vacation days for this year, and I certainly don't want to go in the hole with my 2010 vacation this early on in the year.

I even enclosed a letter, explaining why I wasn't filling in all the fields - told them I wanted to spend my 50th b-day at Disneyland. Think that mattered? Not a bit. They've got sticks up their collective asses - so rigid. I called both TLC and T-Mobile; no good. Very disappointed in T-Mobile - they've been great as our cell phone provider, but what good is a promotion if you can't use it? I don't get how they can ask for 3 different destinations. They don't let you know what you get until 2 weeks before - how are you supposed to plan for something like that? And you can't tell me that there aren't enough flights going between Seattle and L.A. to get us two little measley tickets. But because we didn't fill out all the fields, we "disqualified" ourselves. Bullpucky.

We could buy two tickets - would only run $300 - $350, but we didn't budget for that, and our car already bit a big chuck from our vacation funds a couple weeks ago. If we bought tickets, it wouldn't leave us much to play with.

Ah, well. We'll have a nice day, anyway. Folks are coming to take us to lunch and then Special K and I will go out that night (we're taking Monday off to recuperate :o)

As for T-Mobile? Come November, when our contract is up, it's Verison or Sprint for us.

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