Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

So, it's 2009. Holiday season is just about over. Usually one of my favorite times of year, but this past season just blew by and it wasn't until Xmas Eve that I even remotely felt the holly in my heart. Ah, well - always next year.

Finally got our little tree (2 1/2 foot Douglas Fir - so pretty!) up Xmas Eve - poor thing had been standing in a (frozen!) bucket of water out in the carport for two weeks before that. Once I got the tree up and our gifts spread out around it, I felt a lot cheerier. We did end up postponing our family get-together until this Tuesday past - we had a wonderful time! Had prime rib and a ham and all sorts of conistibles; deviled eggs, lumpias, little taco bites (really cute recipe Special K found - we used wanton wrappers and a muffin tin - really nice appetizer), bacon-wrapped dates (takes me back to my childhood - Mum would always make those when she had a party), potato salad, regular spring greens salad, brioche and baguettes from the French Bakery - nice spread. I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Oh, and then I made little wanton-wrapped apple and cherry turnovers, deep-fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar - wonderful eaten hot. The apple was better than the cherry. Reminds me of the wonderful treat my mother makes every New Year's Eve - a dutch pastry made with a beer batter with fruit mixed in (typically apple, but she does raisins too), deep-fried with the powder sugar sprinkled on after - hate it that I miss that almost every year.

And through all my baking and all the snacking I've been doing being snowbound and at home, I've managed to lose a few pounds. Very jazzed about that. For about a week and a half, I was going up and down a few pounds between 187 and 189, but I finally dropped it to 185 this morning. So, I've proved to myself (and anyone else that cares) that it is possible to enjoy oneself and still stay on track.

So, vacation is nearly over. Really been liking this staying at home with my honey and my Sparky.

Would be so nice to win Mega or Lotto, so that would be reality. :o)

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