Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to Normal

As much as I enjoyed being at home, it's good to be back in the normal routine of things. Since I came in several times over the break, I wasn't as backlogged as I could have been, so things are good.

Still holding at 185. Not sure why, but I'm not complaining. Since I'm over 7 mos out, it makes sense that the lossage will be slowing down, and that's OK. I'm feeling fantastic, physically and mentally. Clothing is fun again.

Speaking of clothing, my boss asked his wife what to get a woman who's lost a ton of weight, and she told him "clothes, baby - she'll need lots of new clothes!" So, they got me a nice gift card to Macy's. At first, I thought how sweet, but Macy's? So expensive there. So, Saturday, Special K and I went to Macy's to find me one blouse or one sweater, and we were pleasantly surprised to find all sorts of sales going on. I was able to get a kick-ass pair of black jeans (with black sparkles on the back pockets - very cute! and a size 14! wow - so amazing), a quilted, but tailored purple vest, a beautiful blouse and a hot pink belt. And there's still a little money left on the card. Very surprised, but very pleased.

I've had several people tell me that they've done a double-take, after seeing me off to the side or in the distance, like "who is that person?" before they realized it was me. What a great compliment.

Ironically, my father is worried; he thinks I'm losing too fast, too much. I hate that he's worried; I tried to assure him that's the nature of the surgery I had. It's meant to come off fast and furious. And I'm not at goal yet. I'm thinking about 35 more pounds or so - whatever it takes to be a size 10 :o) Always wanted to be a size 10. He's afraid, that once I get to goal, I'll be unable to stop loosing, but I have no fear of that. I'm finding my appetite is growing. Not always, but sometimes, I feel like I can keep on eating whatever it is that I'm eating, and I'm trying so hard to instill the "little bit tastes just as good as a whole bunch" philosophy in my brain. I do not want to stretch my little pouch out much farther than it is right now. I wish there was a way to measure and keep track of that.

Another question for the surgeon, if I ever go see him again.

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