Friday, May 16, 2008

Uh, oh

I've been sassy. I was at one week and three days without a single cigerette. Then I panicked and bought a pack "just to have" on Wednesday. Had one Wed night when I walked the Sparkster. Had one last night with a glass of Amerretto over ice. Had two today - one at lunch and just now (we went out for dinner with our newly wed friends and got home about 15 mins ago) while Special K is out walking our canine companion. As I smoked, I looked up smoking and surgery.

That's where the "uh, oh" comes in - I learned that one should be smoke-free for at least 4 weeks before the surgery to have any benefits in regards to the anesthesia that will need to be administered. While I've certainly smoked way less than I was used to, I still had the occassional ciggie, thinking it couldn't hurt.

Wrong. What a dunderhead I am - I should've looked this info up when I had my first ciggie after quitting. I wonder if that would've made a difference to me, as I'm finding I'm really hating not being able to smoke. While I like the fact that I smell better, and who wouldn't love all the money I'm not spending on the cancer sticks, I resent being made to do something I didn't buy into.

While I certainly believe just a few is way better than the pack and half to two packs a day, it seems just one can screw you up. What a dunderhead I am. Ah, well, can't cry over smoked butts. Going to try to not smoke anymore until at least after the surgery. Be interesting to see how Tuesday goes, and if I've done any damage. I suppose I'll have to tell the anethesiologist.

I feel like a naughty school girl.

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