Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Back Slide....

OK, so I had a bad weekend as far as the ciggies go... Had two on Sat, but then overindulged on Sunday - just said "fuck it - I'm gonna smoke today." Had about 11, I think - and man, it made me so ill - I was out like a light for two days. Did nothing almost but sleep. My Special K took me to the doctor's yesterday - had an EKG; good to know my heart's ok. Doctor asked me if I was suffering from "one-last-time-itis" and I lauged and said "Yes!" Said I was supposed to lose weight before the surgery, not gain it. And apparently I gained big time since I saw her on 4/22. So, back on the wagon this mornig - fruit & yogurt for breakfast - not a single cig since Sunday early evening.

Did make my follow-up appt from my 2nd sleep study (which went much better than the first) and to get my sleep mask this Friday. It's all starting to come together.

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