Monday, March 2, 2009


Thinking I need to up the exercise ante; twice a day walking just doesn't seem enough anymore. And I'm doing little things, like climbing stairs (today, I walked up all four flights at work instead of taking the elevator - felt the backs of my legs), parking further away from stores (I used to drive around and around until I found one fairly close to the entrance), arm and leg lifts, but I need more to tone stuff up. My angel wings seem better, but even though my weight is staying between 176 & 178, I feel like I'm getting a little poof up front (right underneath the bust; very odd).

So, I'm going to go for yoga. I'm not one for the gym; never liked exercise and still don't. I have a beautiful stationary bike in my living room, right in front of the TV - do you think I'm on that thing every day? Nope. Three days a week? Uh, uh. Once a week? No way. I've read some about yoga; Special K even got me a beautiful yoga mat a while back. So I'm checking some of the local yoga places around work, so that I can go either on my lunch or right after work.

This will be very interesting.

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