Monday, March 23, 2009

Kicked out of Yoga class

Well, not really, but I feel like it. Got a call today from the owner of the yoga place I've been going. Really confusing at first, complimenting me on my lifestyle change and my weight loss, but then it switched over to her receiving a couple e-mails, complaining about the scent of smoke during class. Apparently, several people are super-sensitive and the heat intensifies the odor.

Yes, I know smoking stinks to non-smokers. I try to be very considerate around non-smokers. But this takes the cake. I did not complain about the body odor in that room. First class was great - nothing, but the last two, especially once class gets under way, phew! I figured it's part of the program - gotta deal with it.

Guess not. The owner was very nice and hoped I could come up with a solution so that I can continue coming (ie: quit smoking), but dang. Like I'm going to quit for some strangers in a class that have hairs up their butts, or rather, noses 'cuz they smell smoke - heaven forbid!

So, gotta find some other form of exercise. Bummer.

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