Tuesday, March 17, 2009


That's what it's been - quiet. Had a wonderfully restful weekend; did some cooking (corned beef and cabbage! One of my all-time favorites) and some baking (chocolate chip cookies with walnuts and snickerdoodles - brought those in to work; otherwise I would've eaten them. I find it funny that I didn't care much about baking when I was heavier, but that I love it now, when I really can't be eating that stuff) - watched an old movie with Special K - lounged around a lot. Did try to get some gardening in, but I've discovered that my yard is a mass of roots (we do have a lot of tall fir trees on and around our property), so that was a bust. And it rained. A lot. Sunday, we had a little bit of everything - snowflakes in the morning, sleet, hail, lots of high winds and sun breaks!

Ain't complainin' though - way better than the white stuff that sticks around.

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