Friday, March 6, 2009


My aunt is here, with her gentlemen friend, from Holland for my dad's birthday. Very easy to see the family genes.

They came Wed night to spend a few days at our house, so that they could get some skiing in and to be a lot closer to SeaTac Sat morning for their flight back home.
But Mother Nature's not done with Winter yet. We had a lot of snow up in the mountains and the pass even closed for a bit yesterday, so they decided not to go (I'm so glad they didn't - lots of reported accidents up that way). They'll try again today. I hope they're successful - they both so enjoy skiing. I personally don't see the fun in hurling down a mountainside, dodging trees and other people and stuff, but they love it. I'd rather jump out of a plane - now that seems like a lot of fun!

And here's the birthday boy. It was a very nice get-together, even if half the food wasn't great, and the service even worse - good company can generally overcome anything.
Down another 2 pounds this week - very excited to see it come off. It's so odd, after months of dropping poundage like there's no tomorrow to have it come to a screeching halt, pretty much. I was hoping the honeymoon period would last a little longer (they say anywhere from 8 to 12 months), but, hey, I can't complain. Results have been good.

Besides, no one would listen :o)

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