Friday, August 15, 2008

Feel the Heat!

We here in the Northwest have been very lucky this summer. We have had a few days where the temperatures creeped up to the 80's and low 90's, but very few. Compared to the rest of the country, not too bad.

Yesterday was one of those rare summer days where it got hot - upper 80's. And I have never cared for hot. My preference is a cool, cloudy day - much more comfortable. I am always amazed at myself when I think how many years I lived in Southern California, and I did most of my living in the San Fernando Valley. If you're not familiar with the area (in Los Angeles), the summer there sees temps up to 115, sometimes. I lived in the pool down there.

Anyway, I noticed yesterday that while it was hot, I was not overly uncomforable. Still didn't care for it, but I wasn't to the point of extreme discomfort, as I once was when it would get that hot. I have to put that down to not being as big as I used to be.

Nice perk.

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