Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Dreaded "C" procedure...

Sigh. I knew, once I hit 50, that I was going to have to have this done, but I thought I could squeak by for another year or so. Nope.

Saw my surgeon; he was very complimentary and tried to reassure me that most weight loss patients will go through a weight gain once their appetite returns to somewhat normal levels. He did get on me for not keeping up with the vitamins and the water intake, but then, I knew he would. He was, however, concerned about my complaint of needing Prilosec twice a day, oftentimes, although he did assure me that I will probably have to take them for life. I had thought that I read somewhere that Prilosec can do damage to the liver and that was my fear. Thought by now, I wouldn't need it anymore. But, man, when I forget to take that stupid little pill in the morning, I die later on in the day. Well, not "die;" that's a little over-dramatic, but it sure does hurt. A lot. He's also concerned that I feel hungry. All the time. Even after I've just eaten. Says that's not normal.

So he's scheduled me for an upper GI and a colonoscopy (gonna get me from both ends) at the same time; that way, he only needs to knock me out once. What a sweetheart. Yuck. Special K's had this done several times over the years and while the procedure itself isn't bad (you're out cold - you feel nothing, but loopy when you wake up :) ), it's the preparation the day before. That jug with a gazillion ounces of gross-tasting stuff that's supposed to cleanse the system. And then no eating/drinking/smoking anything from midnight Sunday until after the procedure, which will be 11 am the next morning.

I can deal with all of that - even the noxious tasting stuff. But no coffee in the morning? No cigs?

Just dig a hole and throw me in. Because it ain't gonna be pretty.

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