Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ug! 40 :(

OK, I finally weighed myself this morning. 210 pounds. Argh.

Couple weeks ago, I made an appointment (this Friday) to go talk to my surgeon to see if there's any adjustment that can be done. Not only for the weight gain, but I'm still on Prilosec - sometimes, I need two a day. That's not normal. By now, I understand I shouldn't need them anymore, but dang, if I forget to take one in the morning, by mid-morning, my innards feel really painful. I've learned to carry some with me for those times I forget.

I've done some research on-line and apparently there are things they can do. Special K doesn't believe I'm large enough to warrant any of it - that the surgeon will tell me to just quit eating the wrong stuff and exercise more. I hope not. That won't work. I am hungry. Constantly. Even after I've eaten already. Even when I've overeaten and my stomach hurts - underneath is that hunger feeling. Very bizzare. I can only assume something ain't right.

40 pounds. Damn.

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