Monday, October 11, 2010

An empty Thanksgiving...

Wow - it just hit me today.

The last bunch of years, we have had a house-full on Thanksgiving, but this year:

- Mum's gone
- T&J moved to Reno
- R&W retired down to Patterson, CA (well, they did that last year)
- Sharon retired to Minnesota

Well, we'll have the boys over: Pop, Wim, Mr T, Mr Grouchface - and us two gals. Total of 6. Ouch - oh, wait! Miss P! She came last year and had a blast; I'll bet she'll come again. That makes 7 :) Need to find one more chickie to make 4 guys & 4 gals.

All these retirees. I wanna retire - so very ready to become a lady of leisure.

Ha. Not in this lifetime.

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