Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New member of the family; kinda...

So, we're keeping the kitty. Actually, not so much "keeping" her, but we'll be her caretakers as long as she feels like hanging around. Can't have her inside (there's that nipping thing she does), but I've made it comfortable outside on the deck for her. Walgreen's had these fleece blankets on sale week before last for $1.98, so I bought two. Got one on the wicker chair she likes to sit in (the nights are getting colder already!)

Read an article last week in the Seattle Times about a woman (a retiree) who goes around, catching feral cats, getting them checked out by a vet, spay/neuter (if they're not already), vaccinations, and then tries to find a place for them - whether that be back to where she found them (if someone there is willing to be their caretaker), or if they're young enough, try to find an actual home for them. Those that aren't rehomable or have no place to go, get sent to a cat sanctuary in Snohomish - big piece of property where they have a barn for when it's cold and they get fed and medical care, if needed, and loving, if they want that :) Pretty cool organization: www.feralcare.org

I sent them an e-mail with some questions; turns out that orange & white tabbies are typically male. They're going to get a cat-trap to me so that I can bring my kittie to get checked out, spayed or neutered, shots, etc., and then I'll get her (him?) back. Will be good to know the sex - then I can come up with a proper name.

I need ideas, folks - I thought I liked Tabitha, but I've changed my mind. Special K likes just "Cat" which I suppose would be alright, but that's kinda boring.

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