Friday, November 14, 2008

One more to "Onederland!"

Well, I did it - I made it to 200. Can't believe I'm this excited over being 200 pounds. That's still a lot, but, man, it's been years and years and years since I've been anywhere near 200.

I got so emotional this morning - I had to call Special K into the bathroom to double check the scale for me - did it really, truly say "200"? When she confirmed that yes, it did, I started crying - I was just overwhelmed. Starting again just typing this - silly; huh?

Then I decided to try those size 20 Levi's I got from a co-worker. When I tried them last, they fit, but only after I laid down and sucked it in to zip it up. At that time, it wasn't comfortable sitting - still needed to lose a little more. Well, this morning, they zipped right up. If anything, they're a little loose. Should've worn a belt today; I keep having to hitch them up. But, dang, does it feel good!

I can't stop smiling this morning. Just constantly amazed at my journey so far and how good it all feels right now.

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