Friday, June 27, 2008

Rainier Cherries!

Got bold and tried fresh fruit last night, only because I found Rainier cherries at Safeway, and those are my absolute fav! The best thing about July? Not the holiday, not the sunshine - it's the Rainier cherries! We are on the look-out all through July for the stands by the side of the road selling cherries - they're less expensive and usually taste better than what you get in the market. Not sure why, but there you go.

But anyway, I was able to eat a handful of cherries and a half a tangerine last night along with my Boca Burger - YUM! It was great to enjoy a meal and not just go through the motions because I know I have to eat. It floors me that I, of all people, have to force myself to eat. What a turn-around from what I was before.

I just hope it lasts.

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