Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Starting to be fun!

Down 52 - amazing! I have on a pair of shoes that I have not been able to wear comfortably since I got them last year - amazing! I climbed stairs this morning and was able to have a conversation once I got to the top because I wasn't all out of breath - amazing!

This is starting to be fun. It's great to see my face again; it's even great to have all my pants hanging on me. It's wonderful to be able to put on a blouse that I bought because I loved it, but it didn't come big enough to fit me then. Now it fits. And I was right - it's really pretty.

I'm loving the good wishes I'm getting from my friends and co-workers - it's nice to hear how well I'm doing. The support and good feelings I'm getting from folks - amazing.

AND - my sleep apnea? Gone. My blood sugar? Low. Amazing how different just 50 pounds can feel. I lift my little Westie (he's just under 20 pounds) and I'm amazed how heavy that feels and that I carried 2 and a half times that on my frame.

Life is good.

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