Thursday, January 6, 2011

2 or 3

So far, so good. I have lost 2 or 3 pounds since Monday. I have to remember to bring my glasses into the bathroom with me in the morning when I go get ready for work. That's why it says "2 or 3" - I'm fairly sure it was on the 215. Thought for a fleeting (very cold) second to go run & get my glasses, but it is freakin' cold in our house during the winter (too dang expensive to keep the heater running too high for too long - old house; too many leaks/drafts), and I wasn't about to run out to the kitchen in my all-together just for that.

It's being harder than I hoped it would be, with my new mental resolve. I have not had anything with sugar (meaning, chocolates, cookies, donuts, cakes) all week and I've been eating well - salads, fruits, soups. No wine or any other alcoholic libations. In the evening, I nurse a cup of coffee so I feel I'm having "something," but I still need a munchy something or other. One night it was some Gouda cheese & a few crackers, others - a little handful of stick pretzels. I'd rather not be eating that time of night, but if I don't it'll roll over into something bigger, so I have to be satisfied that this is what's working. I am such a sugar addict, though - I'm really missing my pastries/cookies - also my squishy-white-bread sandwiches; such a big no-no!

Last night I made BLTs for Special K - she got hers on a Kaiser roll; I got mine as a lettuce wrap - piece of bacon, smidgen of mayo (I was going to buy the "lite" but I just couldn't bring myself to do it), nice tomato slices all wrapped up in a nice lettuce leaf. Had two of those - very satisfying. Didn't miss the bread then at all. I'm making baked gnocchi with Italian sausage tonight - eating lighter during the day so I can have a few - just going to skip the melted cheese & the sausage. The sausage; no big deal - never cared for Italian sausage much, but it will be hard to pass up the melted cheese! I bought oranges, though; going to cut one up and snack on that after dinner; hopefully that will satisfy my sweet tooth.

Started a food diary again; it really helps to jot down every little single thing that goes into my mouth to see how the calories can add up. I'm averaging 1000 - 1100 calories a day. I know I will have to cut even further in a week or so, to see more weight drop off, but I figured I'd ease myself back into the right routine.

The cookie isn't winning this time.

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