Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011!

It's a new year. Yea. Stepped on the scale this morning. No yea. 218. A gain of 48 pounds. Ugh.

A new resolve and so far, so good. Had plenty of opportunity today to blow it and I haven't. Had my yogurt & cereal for breakfast (instead of the sandwich I've been accustomed to) - had a protein bar at about 11:00 and just now have a spring green salad with light honey mustard (Newman's Own - killer dressing). My boss asked me to provide lunch for a meeting today; typically, that means lunch for me, too, but I didn't order myself one. And then, just now, had an errand to run with Special K and she wants Mickey D for lunch. Damn, I really could have gone for some fries, but no, I didn't order any :)

Let's see how long this lasts. I just have to remember to how good it felt to feel my hip bones and my collar bones and how much easier the stairs were (they're still OK - I've kept the habit of using the stairs as opposed to taking the elevator, but I've noticed the last month or so, that I feel my upper thighs a lot more than I have been). I have to remember how good it felt to fit in smaller sized clothing. I had to go buy a few pair of pants and I bought 16s (I now know not to get rid of everything big - stuff happens, right?). I'm fitting into XL shirts - my L's are a bit tight and not comfortable. Some don't fit at all, like my pretty purple vest that I loved so much that first winter.

But I am determined. I've read that many gastric bypass patients have a weight gain the first few years out, but then they get back on track and lose it again. And since the good doctor said my pouch isn't horribly stretched out, I feel it's totally doable.

And I need to find someway to exercise, since the Sparkster can't go that far anymore, even if it's just going for a walk by myself, and I know exercise is key. Going to be 52 next month - wanna keep all mobile for as long as I can.

2008 was the year of the "new" me; 2011 will be the year that "new" me comes back :)

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