Friday, February 4, 2011


Miss T, I love you :) Here I'm thinking no-one will care if I don't update and then I get your e-mail, "requesting" an update. Very cute it is that you are!

Nothing really new. My New Year's resolution lasted about a week and a half. Off again; on again. I am being more careful; not buying boxes of donuts and not having wine every night - just on the weekends... and maybe Thursday :) Trying to cut out at least the snacking. My pants still fit, so for now, that's working.

Yes, I'd like to lose the 40 I put on, but I keep having to remind myself that I am still 115 pounds less than I once was. In my mind, I'm totally all fat again - it's amazing how your mind can mess with you. I put on a Packer (GO PACK!) turtleneck this morning, thinking it was going to be way too tight (it's an XL). We bought it years ago on a trip to Milwaukee and it was half off and it was the largest size they had. At that time, it was painful to wear, it was so tight, but I did, under my Farve jersey (that was when we went for the Seahawk/Pack game at Lambeau field, so we're talking 8 years ago or so). Well, guess what - it fits; if anything, it's a little big! And the Farve jersey I'm wearing today - it's huge! So I'm not as big as I think I am in my head.

Weird, huh?

Co-hosting a SBS party at Mr. T's house on Sunday - very small group this year. Only 4 of us with 2 dropping in for a short while. T&J, we'll miss you :(

Can't believe that whoever is responsible for scheduling these things scheduled a nation-wide event such as the Super Bowl to start at 6;30 at night (which makes it 3:30 PST). Don't they realize folks gotta work the next day? How smart is that? Either schedule it for a Saturday, where it doesn't matter or have it earlier in the day.

Man, just got my pc "migrated" from one server to another - pain in the ass; don't like it one bit. Now my e-mail's all screwed up.

That's it - I'm done. It's the weekend; I'm taking Monday off! You all have a great weekend and of course,


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  1. Hey, I just started following your blog. Congrats on the shirt fitting well!! Great job with all the weightloss!