Monday, November 22, 2010

The other "C" word

Saw Dr L Friday. The biopsy on the upper GI came back clean. Nothing wrong - all looks very good, he said. My pouch isn't even that stretched out. Reason for weight gain; poor food choices (durp! and let's not forget the wine and brandy). Totally still possible to lose the weight and use the tool I've been given properly. So easily said.

Now the two polups he found - he said they were both the "flat kind" and he was able to totally remove one, but only part of the other. Plus, he said if there's two, there's probably more, but since the sedatives were wearing off, he couldn't continue. They're not cancerous yet, but he said these are the kind that will turn cancerous and must be removed. So he wants another colonoscopy. I said no way, Jose; it was just too awful; I can't do it again. He said I don't have a choice here. He also promises that I will not feel it as he won't be doing anything else and will have enough time to get to where he's got to go without me feeling anything. I said ok, deal, as long as I can have the first appointment of the day (which turned out only to be an hour earlier - doctor works bankers hours - lol).

So, he takes me out to the young lady behind the desk and tells her I need to be scheduled for another procedure, and I said you bet; I enjoyed the first one so much, I wanna do it again! Gotta laugh about it, right?


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