Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Medical stuff

I had gone to see my surgeon last month (think I posted that here) as I was concerned about a few things; most notably is my having to use Prilosec sometimes twice a day. Yesterday, I had the upper GI and the colonoscopy done. I thought the worse would be yesterday morning - no cigs, no coffee, until after I got out. Ugh. I was wrong.

I don't remember the upper GI, although my throat is very sore today, but I do remember, in detail, the other one. I always assumed that they knocked you out to do this. But they only "sedate" you - two different types; I forget the names, except one was an opiate. I felt everything down there and it was not pleasant, nor was I. I can't believe the nurse told me how good I was when all I remember is bitching and cussing at them to basically stop it; that I changed my mind. And of course, they didn't listen.

Once out of recovery, Special K picked me up in the discharge circle and we were on our way home. My cigs were right there in the car and she bought me a bottle of water (what a sweetheart - I was so dehydrated!) I felt a little woozy, but not at all loopy like I thought I'd be, so I suggested going out for lunch (early dinner) - I was starving! So we did. I way overordered, but it was good :)

Now I have to wait until Friday for my follow-up with the doctor. The pictures of the upper showed a spot that they're sending in for a biopsy. That's a little frightening. And the pictures of the other shows two polups - one looks nasty and red; and it says something about a follow-up colonoscopy.

Not in my lifetime. Uh, uh - once was enough.

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