Monday, November 1, 2010

Anne Bergsma - RIP

Just found out last week that my mother's brother (last living one; she had 11 brothers and 2 sisters) was also very ill - very similar to Mum's situation in that he was in a lot of pain; there was nothing they could do for him, except give him morphine to dull the pain. His body, like Mum's, was strong and didn't want to go gently into the night. Took nearly a week for him, as well, but he did pass away this past Saturday.

I met him just a few times and knew he was a lovely person. Wouldn't have minded knowing him better, but he was mainly in Australia for many years (Mum emigrated to the US, Anne to Australia and the rest stayed in Holland - whatever wunderlust there was in that family went all to Mum and Anne lol).

I like to think that Mum was right there, ready to take Anne by the hand and help him cross over, and that they, along with the rest of their siblings and parents, are all together now.

No clue as to what's waiting for us, if anything, when we take our final breath. But I like my idea - it's comforting. So until someone shows me scientific proof that it ain't so, that's what I'm going to believe.


  1. at least she is now free from the pain. may we all be reminded to take good care of our health while we can.

  2. Thank you, Phoenix; yes, both she and her brother, Anne, are now out of pain. Thank goodness for that. For the record, they were both active, healthy adults who took good care of themselves. We are reminded that our organs will rule, regardless what we do :)